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The preferred way of referring to a FACE in Liverpool.
Hey, your ma would have a chance with me if it wasn't for her frightful grid.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007
A strong Belgian beer served up to you in a round-bottomed glass that doesn't sit on a table but in some kind of weird wooden contraption reminscent of something from a science lab from a rubbish school in Kirkby in the late 1970s.
After necking 10 Kwaks, I was fucking wallarseholed on it. I tried to get hold of some bird and made a right wallidiot of myself.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007
Long-haired Kwak drinking wallidiot who may or may not be an Armenian spy
Q. Is Stef a Walloon?

A. He's a fucking Wallarsehole. Oh wait, I think he's Flemish.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007
A French-speaking person from Belgium who is nice enough, but a bit too nice, if you know what I mean. See also Bearded Lady.
That client thinks the wallidiot next door is an Armenian spy.
by The_Fish66 June 05, 2007

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