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Gream(n,v) is a combination of human semen and gravy. It may be used as a verb meaning to simultaneously ejaculate and pour gravy on a willing participant.
noun- Would you like gream on your mashed potatoes?(the answer is always no)

Verb-The old man greamed on his wife to fulfill her birthday wishes.
#sploog #cream #gravy #gravy boat #greama
by The Intellectuals April 22, 2010
Gym Rules Everything Around Me.
come eat some kfc fam. nah u dumb cuz im on dis gream ting u fat shit
#gym #fat #cunt #hench #sexy
by deityn16 December 05, 2011
The act of creaming yourself over games or game nostalgia.
Guy 1: Dude if Skyrim had a loot system like Diablo I would gream.

Guy 2: Them feels.
#gream #cream #games #my pants #greaming
by Canatune February 07, 2013
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