a more mature dilf, a dilf that is still attractive, but has reached a higher age bracket.(50-60)
I watched this year's Super Bowl halftime show in hopes of getting to see the GRILF gods, The Rolling Stones.
by vapeaurmauve December 11, 2006
Top Definition
Grany I'd Like To Fuck =)
Matt's moms a GR.I.L.F
by Faulksie November 17, 2004
Grandma I'd Like To Fuck
I know she's your grandma, but she's a hot grilf.
by Arcanetou December 30, 2003
A hot sexy older woman who likes sex and knows what she wants.

A sexy older woman particularly adept or experienced in the erotic arts.

The noun - grilfer. A man usually younger who has a penchant for grilf or older women.

The verb - grilfing may mean a successful seduction of said grilf or simply the art of the chase.
Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Joan Collins are quintessential grilf.
So too Sophia Loren, and maybe Susan Sarandon, Nigella Lawson.
by atticus7 October 18, 2005
Granny id like to fuck ( kevs mom )
Kevs mom is a Grilf ( and kevs a loser also ian has big nostrals and kev lost his little girlfriend hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha unlucky fat boy - )

Ps... this is not matt fletcher that wrote this :D
by Matt December 06, 2004
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