A hot sexy older woman who likes sex and knows what she wants.

A sexy older woman particularly adept or experienced in the erotic arts.

The noun - grilfer. A man usually younger who has a penchant for grilf or older women.

The verb - grilfing may mean a successful seduction of said grilf or simply the art of the chase.
Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone & Joan Collins are quintessential grilf.
So too Sophia Loren, and maybe Susan Sarandon, Nigella Lawson.
by atticus7 October 18, 2005
Grandma I'd Like To Fuck
I know she's your grandma, but she's a hot grilf.
by Arcanetou December 30, 2003
a more mature dilf, a dilf that is still attractive, but has reached a higher age bracket.(50-60)
I watched this year's Super Bowl halftime show in hopes of getting to see the GRILF gods, The Rolling Stones.
by vapeaurmauve December 11, 2006
Granny id like to fuck ( kevs mom )
Kevs mom is a Grilf ( and kevs a loser also ian has big nostrals and kev lost his little girlfriend hahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha unlucky fat boy - )

Ps... this is not matt fletcher that wrote this :D
by Matt December 06, 2004
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