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A licence through which anyone -- yes, even you -- can hop on the open-source bandwagon by transferring ownership of your product to the Free Software Foundation.
"Didn't you once have a home?"

"Yeah. It was nice. But I had to do it! I released my life's work under the GPL! Screw the system!"
by Arcpibtn Meaas November 10, 2004
A G.P.L. is a Good Potential Liar. See, I am the Queen of GPL's so I know exactly what I mean!
Wow, look at the Superior Miss over there lying straight in that cop's face. He know she was speading but she pulled a SHAGGY and said "It wasnt me" she is such a GPL
by Superior Miss January 02, 2006
Apparently it stands for "Genuine Pussy Lover" ie. lesbians or bisexuals
Dude, that girl is a GPL don't waste your time.
by T.E. October 20, 2005