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GNU General Public License

A copyleft free software license. That means that anyone can do anything with something under the GPL except deny others' rights given by them by the GPL. Also the GPL requires that all copyright notices and notices that refer to the GPL stay.
Save a GNU, use the GPL.

I <3 the GPL.
by a thing July 24, 2005
A licence through which anyone -- yes, even you -- can hop on the open-source bandwagon by transferring ownership of your product to the Free Software Foundation.
"Didn't you once have a home?"

"Yeah. It was nice. But I had to do it! I released my life's work under the GPL! Screw the system!"
by Arcpibtn Meaas November 10, 2004
A G.P.L. is a Good Potential Liar. See, I am the Queen of GPL's so I know exactly what I mean!
Wow, look at the Superior Miss over there lying straight in that cop's face. He know she was speading but she pulled a SHAGGY and said "It wasnt me" she is such a GPL
by Superior Miss January 02, 2006
Apparently it stands for "Genuine Pussy Lover" ie. lesbians or bisexuals
Dude, that girl is a GPL don't waste your time.
by T.E. October 20, 2005

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