Military acronym for Get Off Your Ass.
GOYA, legislators, and green light Red Teams before another unpredicted terrorist attack happens in our country.
by Medulla Pancreas Oblongata December 26, 2002
Top Definition
Stands for Greek Orthodox Youth of America.
Orthodox Youth ages 13-18 (grades 7-12) participate in church functions and the ever anticipated GOYA Tournaments generally held during the months of January and February. They occur Friday night through Sunday morning 3 times a year. Ironically, tournaments are spent sneaking in alcohol, playing basketball, Greek Dancing, PARTYING, sleeping in hotels with limited adult supervision, and waking up early Sunday morning with a massive hangover to go to church.
Dan: "Hey Nick, want to do something this weekend?"
Nick: "Sorry dude, I can't. There's a GOYA tournament in Pittsburgh, and Steve's sneaking in alcohol."
Dan: "I wish I was Greek."
by anonymous greek March 10, 2008
GOYA (Acronym)--short for "Get off your ass".
Hey you've been sitting on the couch all afternoon. GOYA!
by Boggler April 25, 2004
Greek Orthodox Youth Association.
A group of greek teens, grades 7 to 12, who join this group.
Events like: outdoor olympics, indoor olympics, soccer tournaments, retreats, dances, and sights and sounds, etc. are some of the awesome events that occur during the year. New Jersey GOYAns are the best. Also includes a week of camp, the best camp ever. These Greeks love to party.
Greek Boy: "Are you going to GOYA camp week 1 or 2?"
Greek Girl: "Both, two weeks with my Greeks is a no brainer."
by marinaluvsu March 29, 2011
1) A Spanish artist

2)A sardine packer form Guadalajara. Not really, but this is what was told to Dave on a spanish test to answer a bonus question.
1) That Goya's worth thousands.

2)"Pssst. Who was Goya?"
"A sardine packer from Guadalajara."
by KLDB March 07, 2004
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