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The art of placing ones scrotum aka (balls,Testicles) onto anothers eyes with just enough pressure so that equal coverage is applied across bridge of the nose simmulating GOGGLES!
Did that girl just have balls on her face? No man she just got Goggled!
by Goggle Doctor February 22, 2010
intoxication due to excees consumption of alcohol
smashed, drunk, too many to drink, off your head - he's goggled
by James DDDDD November 06, 2006
To look at a pretty girl, in utter amazement
The people in the car goggled kiwi as they passed by.
by Hardcorehindu February 05, 2008
To the point of being intoxicated, while having numerous women by your side. Only to find out next day that they were hideous.
Joe had drank so much that he became goggled and went home with this ugly woman.
by Jalapeno Flavor September 08, 2010