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An acronym for Girl On Girl Action
GOGA Porno's are really good for getting your girl in the mood.
by Jealma February 16, 2005
(gAH - guh); Abbreviation - Girl On Girl Action.
Timmy: "Hey, did you see Kiara's new Myspace Picture?"

Meko: "Yeah, it's a total GOGA."
by Helclon2 September 18, 2009
Verb- (Pronounced as GO'guh; like a word, not as just its letters.)
The acronym for "girl-on-girl" action. Used in conjunction with (just for simplistic examples) lesbian porn, nights out on the town, plausible hopes for a threesome, etc.
There was more G.O.G.A. going on out at the bar last night than in lesbian pornos!
by KevinH112 June 01, 2009
someone who sleeps until 2 p.m. and the only way to wake him up is if his "g - mama" bakes some khachapuris(cheesy breads) or if he plays halo 3.
-(1:30)Hello can i please speak to goga.
- He is asleep
by Fresh Outa Chicken August 17, 2008
Fralie Language for a fucker...
It is said if you don''t want people to no what your saying, or if you want to piss someone off
Your a goga!
by Frazzle Dazzle Snazzle Frantaz January 19, 2009
A mystical being known only to appear at night and consume large quantities of alcohol.
Dude...Goga showed up at our party last night...he drank all the fuckin alcohol!
by LordNikon13 January 06, 2009
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