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GNS - Ghetto Naming Syndrome. The ghetto trend of urbanizing a name.
ie. Shaniqua, Moniqua, Jeniqua
by Pseudonym October 31, 2004
Good Natured S*it
Light teasing done in fun
Aw, I'm just giving you some GNS.
#teasy #teasing #joking #just kidding #no offense
by GemmaVA August 30, 2010
Def: G.N.S - Gossip News and Scandal. Invented by a bored Civil servant known to his friends as bill 'The Knowledge' working for an Incompetent Quango. GNS is spread around the organisation in an attempt to make a Miserably Stagnant job a little more bearable.
E.G: Here comes Bill with another jucie piece of GNS. I wonder whos been shagging in the stock room this week.
by commander GNS November 11, 2003
At the end of the schooling or working day colleagues will say GNS - goodnight suckers! To the people left working or schooling
I'm off home now - good night suckers! GNS
by Suarezbite April 22, 2016
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