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GMN was originally used in 2010 by Mashup Militia (a youtube group) to mean "Grab My Nuts". GMN is usually followed by a person saying STB
Bro: Mmmm this sandwich is delicious
Girl: Can I have a piece?
Bro: How bout GMN or GTFO!
2nd Bro: STB!
by Mashup Militia January 11, 2011
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"get my nut" Usually used when you are trynna just get your dick sucked or hook up efficiently without any miscommunication.
Paul: "Hey so I'm gonna stop by your room tonight"
Suzie: "Why? You want to watch a movie and chill?"
Paul: "Nah...I'm trynna gmn."
by TacoShelly January 19, 2011

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