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"Good luck with that"

Simmilar to GLHF
Person A: Hey, I'm gonna go ask that girl out.
Person B: GLWT, dude.
by Khanada May 08, 2006
Meaning "Good Luck With That" in Internet speak.
"Dewd, I hopez Trish lays me 2nite!"
"GLWT, bro."
by OrdealByFire47 June 29, 2008
Abbreviated form of "Good luck with that shit." Usually said to someone trying to accomplish the impossible.
"My dream is to have sex with a supermodel."

by woofrikinhaw May 03, 2007
Good luck with that.

Can be used in texts and/or I.M
In a text:

Johnny: Oh crap, i have to write a 1000 word essay by third block!

Doe: GLWT, dude!
by yreva11 October 15, 2008
Acronym of "Good luck with that".
Person 1: I'm going to leap over tall buildings with a single bound.
Person 2: glwt
by Ten Ton Tigger November 05, 2013

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