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homosexual hate group that goes after the wrong people (ex: conservative radio talk show hosts) while letting blatant stereotyping and using straights AND gays as pawns for profit run rampant (ex: Jack on Will & Grace, The Fab Five on Queer Eye, Boy Meets Boy, Discovery channel home decorating/makeover shows, anybody who uses the word "fabulous" too much or acts completely feminine)
Those morons at GLAAD played a part in taking Mike Savage off of PMSNBC while preaching for tolerance. Hypocrisy at it's worst.
by Alex August 17, 2003
A hate-reversal group that focuses on the wrong issues involving gay rights.
Members of GLAAD sure are uptight for people who take it up the ass.
by Chloedog October 06, 2003
An evil monster in NWN, they are pretty hard to kill.
Gay!! i got killed by a glaad again. Next time I must use my homokiller sword, it's like +7 against Glaads
by xphoppl December 25, 2004
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