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Gastric Lavage A procedure used to remove poison from a patient's stomach that was ingested.
1. I took an overdose today, and had to have a round of GL and that hurt.
2. OUCH. I had that done when I was 2 for taking baby asprin and they stuck a tube down my nose and into my stomach.
by stomachpump January 10, 2010
28 33
good luck
gl hf no bs - good luck, have fun, no backstabs
by Bobert April 19, 2003
532 189
Normally used is most gaming online lobbys. the term refers to GOOD LUCK. may also be used in conjunction with GG(good game) or HF(have fun)
4k Fov: GL with owning me noob hope you get fucked by your mum
mtw.Ghostridah: GG
by G[r]ey December 17, 2004
261 149
Good luck
M: I will get laid with this hot blonde.
A: gl with it.
by Michael Grechka August 31, 2003
187 116
Online abbreviation for "good looking"
I'm gl.
Are you gl?
by UofMGWM January 13, 2006
271 228
a word originating in the DMV (Dc, Maryland , Virginia) used on the internet as another way to say good looking out but shortened to good lookin' and is abbreviated over the internet as gl.
Two Friends are having a conversation over myspace.

Micheal: Ay bruh did you upload the vid of the two girls fightin at the gogo yet?

Chris: Yea I did it a few minutes ago.

Micheal: Oh Yea? gl bruh
by MasterPwner41 March 09, 2009
13 15
refers to either good luck, or guild leader. The latter of the two is mainly used in World of Warcraft.
1. Gl pwning the horde, they are pretty good.
2. Is you gl online, ive been trying to join?
by Nico69 October 22, 2006
67 69
good look or good lookin
LoLo- u droppd ur pen son
Dre- awwww shiit. thanxz slim gl
by Wilt Chamberlain Chain Swangin March 08, 2009
32 35