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A place for the sophisticated, refined, young, pedophile.
12channers are different from normal pedo's regarding the way they think of mentality and children.
12chan's users are primarily from the ages of 13 to 30 years of age.
The older GL's & BL's just wouldn't understand the way we perceive things today.
Older 12chan pedo: I'd fuck anything below the age of 18

Younger 12chan pedo: It all depends on the mental maturity of the person, regardless of age.
by Six6688 August 10, 2007
12chan is an imageboard created by pedophiles after they were banned from 4chan and 7chan. The site is home to countless child model pictures, uploaded for the sole purpose of giving old men hard-ons.
12chan is so messed up, it's probably set up by the FBI
by 7chand March 16, 2007
12 chan is a collection of bloggers who are eithier sickos, pedos, stalkers, or all of the above. The site is total filth. I stumbled upon the site a week ago and connot beleive such things exist on public servers. Horrible.
I went to 12 chan and shit my pants twice over the fact that it was legal.
by Avengerofweak May 03, 2009
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