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The GIGN is Frances most darkest, elite special-ops team in France. Originally branching from the French Foreign Legion, the GIGN's operatives are skilled in close combat, knife combat, guerilla warfare, urban counterterror, LTL (Less than lethal) combat and airborne assaults.
My cousin is in the GIGN.
by Loks June 26, 2005
GIGN (acronym for Groupe d'intervention de la Gendarmerie nationale) is the special operations squad of the French Gendarmerie.

This unit gained celebrity for its success in the Grand Mosque Seizure, in December 1979 or other couter-terrorism operations like the liberation of the 164 passengers of Air France Flight 8969 during Christmas eve, 1994. The plane, hijacked by four GIA terrorists that planned to either fly the plane into the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or simply blow it up over the city.

America had 11-09, France has GIGN.
by Czar_of_all_Russias January 09, 2008
a term used by most poor white trash as in reference to picking something up.
This is "Goshan" slang for a part time job.
Did you see that cumm dumpster Crystal, gig'n cans on the side of the road?
by D.J. Necaise June 28, 2003
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