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Good Hard Fucking
Tara keeps on being lippy with Charlie like that.

I said, "Charlie, you need to throw her a GHF."

Charlie replied, "Hell yeah, after I knock her goozer loose."
by Push'dwood October 15, 2009
Getting Hammered Fast

The act of getting completely obliterated, in a quick paced manner. May or may not result in smoking, which could also be GHF, getting high fast.
Person 1(AC): What are you doing tonight?
Person 2(TJ): It's fucking saturday, GHF, duh.
by iCon09 December 05, 2010
This is Phases_Ogmaxim's (vnboards) new word. It stands for gay homo fag. It was thought of when I was reviewing all the other slang words out there.
wataf is ghf! who thought that one up!?
by Phases Og'Maxim February 17, 2004
Ghetto high five; very similar to a spud literally the same thing
Person 1: wow did u see her shoes

Person 2: soo Peng I want them so bad

Person 1: GHF me on that

Person 2: GHF all the way sis
by angelnxx May 25, 2014
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