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genuine good cunt
He's a bit of a GGC!
by awks December 17, 2010
Get Good Crew.
Yella Yella, GGC!
by GetGoodCrew July 16, 2011
Go get checked! Can be used when referring someone to medical attention.or when referring to ones health.
OMG, GGC! That cut looks horrible! or

I think you should definitely GGC.
Go get checked
by Mr.SAC July 15, 2010
The acronym for a popular gaming IRC network called Global Gamers Center.
<me> It's time to go pwn some noobs on GGC.
<bc> oh noes
<me> yeah, and you're first! >:)
by RocketGib2 March 27, 2007
The guacamole-grilled cheese sandwhich. Three letters to define this sandwhich, just like a blt.
Hi, I'd like to order a ggc, except no restaurant has it!
by Paul January 04, 2005
1) Gotta get cock
2) Girls go crazy

It's really interchangeable. One is like the other. THEY ARE THE SAME THING. Usually occurs after a girl gets sex for the first time and never stops until she dies.
My girlfriend got the mad GGC after I de-virginized her ass.
by Adamfromtheblok September 27, 2005
It's an acronym for "Got A Good Chuckle".
Example Statement: "Women like to take showers in boiling hot water, because it reminds them of hell, where they came from." Example Response: ggc (got a good chuckle)
Instead of "lol" because we all know that when you say lol, you either laugh a little bit or not at all.
by Young Davis December 26, 2014

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