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Go Fuck Your Mother! Also know as "The four words guaranteed to start a fight!" Use it when everyday insults, just won't do! Very much like GFY, only better.
Hey Johnny, Go Fuck Your Mother! Or just GFYM
by Marc the Mailman December 19, 2007
Go Fuck Your Mum. Simple. Basically if someone is really pissed off and some dick comes and ruins their day, just a phrase to tell them to go do one.
James: "Amy you look like a mong in that selfie you just uploaded on instagram. Ha gayyyyy."
Amy:"GFYM James."
by amxlia July 02, 2014
go fuck your mother
mustache was told to gfym after trying to get pug1 arrested on multiple occasions
by smalldogs October 27, 2013
Go Fuck Your Mum.
To Be Used When You Want Someone To Go Away.
See Also fuck off, piss off, piss off & go away
sarah told sophie to "gfym".
by taish March 08, 2008
Gfym - Go fuck your mother. Me and my friends have been using this online to insult eachother. It your basic online insult.
"Hey man how you doin?"
by Chris Conley March 19, 2006
an abbreviation for go eff your mom.
brett: GFYM
meg: what does that mean...
10 seconds later meg puts 2 and 2 together and solves the problem and realizes what it means
by meggg February 10, 2006
GO Fuck Your Mother, GFYM
This kid got cocky with me at work the other day, so i said to him, "GFYM"
by Louie G October 18, 2007