Girl Friend Obsessed: Used to describe a person who spends most of their time with their girlfriend and neglects their other friends. Also used to describe a person who spends all their time with their girlfriend and can't do anything independently.
John never comes to poker night any more because he is so GFO!
by Shannanigans13 December 08, 2009
go fuck off!!!!
dude: whats up, my bad bout the other day..

chick: GFO!! leave me alone!!
by angeleyezz August 07, 2013
Girlfriend Over Shoulder. Said to your fellas online to alert them that the topic of conversation suddenly warrants a window change and that you may bbl to finish said topic, or that the topic needs to change quickly while you make the window smaller.
Mike: yo that chick you were talking to at the bar was hot
Bill: hell yeah dude
Mike: did you get her #?
Bill: shit, gfos
Mike: so
Mike: how
Mike: about
Mike: them
Mike: lakers
Mike: ?
Bill: nice1 brotha
by Bill999 November 09, 2008
Comes from when you're tired of being anywhere, bar, some chicks house.

Man, this shit blows. Let's GFO!
by Jeff October 03, 2004
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