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3 definitions by Goldfishbutt

Experiencing a strong desire to become friends with a person you don't know very well. Often times, people experiencing friend crushes will exhibit nervousness, giddiness, idolatry, admiration, and clumsiness similiar to those emotions experienced when being around a regular crush.
Wow, that girl is so cool! Who is she?! I totally have a friend crush on her.
by Goldfishbutt July 18, 2006
short for "Godfather of Soul", one of the many nicknames of James Brown.
Who doesn't love the GFOS?
by Goldfishbutt November 23, 2006
A "creative" term for tripping and falling on yo face.
naw man. me!?? fall? no way! i was just doing some freestyle walking.
by goldfishbutt August 08, 2007