Give a Fuck Factor; the level to which one gives a fuck, often measured on a scale from 0 to 100.
McDonald's patron #1: Excuse me, I had ordered a Big Mac, not a salad.

Laqueesha: <silence, examines fake nails>

McDonald's patron #1: Ummm...excuse me, miss? I had wanted a burger???

Laqueesha: <silence>

McDonald's patron #2: Dude, just give up. Her GFF is obviously 0.
#apathy #work sucks #job #boss #demotivated
by quacker1111 October 16, 2007
gay for faggots, a easier and not so offensive way to cuss someone out
that guy is very stupid, and probably hacks, he is gff
by Emitt Roswell January 28, 2005
GFF= Greasy Fat Fuck
Billy weighed 380 pounds, and he was a gff.
by Willis December 18, 2004
Gay Friend Forever; this alternative to BFF specifies that said best friend is gay.
Random girl: So you and Josh are pretty close huh?
Me: Pshyeah! He's my GFF!
#friends #gay #queer dear #bestie #just friends #bffl #unrequited #friend zone #cuddle bitch #i don't like you in that way #platonic relationship
by courtneylovesit August 23, 2007
Noun: Guilt Free Fucking, the act of carnal relations that takes place in a context in which one or both partners are able to avoid any and all feelings of guilt about the act.
I had already told her on numerous occasions that I would never marry her and that this relationship had no future, but she was still interested so we got together from time to time for some GFF.
#fuck #fucking #sex #boning #balling
by Goon-Squader February 01, 2007
Gamingforce Interactive Forums. An elitest hellhole of a forum where the regulars flame newbies every day, the elitests themselves decide when you are finally "cool" after acquiring a "reputation" of said coolness. This only occurs after a lengthy period of time has passed (Years). Owned by an extremely ugly looking asian man.
(Newcomer who just registered): "This seems like a nice video game forum. I think I'll make my intro thread."

After making intro thread...ten replies have been made, the latest one being an elitest like a lurker, Sassafrass, others...

Elitest reply: "Hey newbie, you like video gams and anime, huh? FUCK OFF THEN!!"

Upon reading that, the newcomer never sets foot in GFF ever again.
by Mr. Bird January 28, 2005
Go Fucking Figure

When simply saying 'Go Figure' just doesn't cut it.

Useful when chatting online to save time typing, as any acronym does.
'How was your day?'
'Despite having M.A.s and B.A.s out the wazoo, I still haven't been able to find a job'
by Lookit January 12, 2016
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