In the military, if a live grenade landed near a group of soldiers one of them would jump on the grenade to try to save his fellow soldiers. When a guy jumps on a "grenade," it symbolizes the grenade as the ugly girl in a group of girls at a club or party. Grenade Free America is a term used by the fist-pumping douchebags on jersey shore
"dude that girl by the bar is a perfect 10, i need you to jump on the grenade to her left though"..this situation would happen if it was GFA
by jackinherbox August 29, 2010
go fuck a squirrel.
pronouced "gee-fas"
person 1: im dying
person2: GFAS!
by yourmotherismypseudonym June 29, 2009
Going for a smoke.
Hey im just GFAS! I'll come back soon.
by tharastaman May 31, 2010
Acronym for Go Fuck A Skier
pronounced: "Gee-Fas"
Snowboarder: Yo, dude, do you want to try snowboarding today?
Skier: GFAS
by skiiyahfolyfe June 30, 2009
General Fucking Around - term for not really doing anything....
GFA is used by airforce pilots for time spend in unregistered planes training...
by SuperRolex June 27, 2011
GFA means "Grenade Free America," started by the fist-pumpers on 'The Jersey Shore.'
GFA up in dis bitch
by mclovemeister July 03, 2010
Grenade free america. When you say screw the grenades. If there's hot chicks with a grenade. Fuck it move on.
Mark: let's go to the club gfa. Cause grenades are nothing but trouble and to ugly to fuck. Jack: cool.
by sage thunder July 07, 2010

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