Common acronym for one's grandfather.
Dude: Your GF has nice tits.
Lesbian girl: Thanks, I'll tell my grandfather about your kind words.
by Sexy GILF August 01, 2010
short for Guardian Force, a summoned creature that can be "compatible" and used for junctioning magic and skills
Shiva, Ifrit, Siren, Tonberry, Eden, Bahamut, Diablos, etc..

"With the GF, I junctioned 100 Ultima spells to my attack. Prepared to be pwn3d!"
by Shroudie April 12, 2004
verb. adjective noun. To satisfy another in an appropriate manner.
Oh my god, i just GFed that girl last night.

I love GFing others.

I GF better than she does.
by youknowhow ido May 26, 2008
A small town in Southwest Minnesota - Granite Falls.
I'm going to GF to visit my mom and dad.
by Dianeb March 02, 2008
Simply, a good fuck.
Person 1: I'm sad.
Person 2: You know what you need? A GF (good fuck).

Also: That Dan, hes such a GF.
by BDT November 23, 2004
shorthand for grandfather, the mighty sword in Diablo LoD
Bryan: Hey dude ive jus got a 250% GF
John: kewl, can i try it on my barb?
by VowOfSilence April 09, 2005
Get Fucked. Commonly used in the game Counter-Strike.
Player_One: OMFG gf you n00b h4x0r!
Player_Two: Sif I h4x!
by Owen June 17, 2004
"Go Figure". Used less often as the meaning of gf, but shows itself occasionally, mostly via online gaming or chat.
Person 1: Why the hell do people like Macs anyway?
Person 2: Dunno, gf mac zealots.
by anselhelm May 01, 2007
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