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Acronym for the ever-popular "gay face" insult. Gay face is the way a man's face has been super imposed with the use of gay or feminine expressions over time. To boot, the bearer of such a feature's skin is usually impeccably groomed and any indication of facial hair (typically referring to eyebrows) is perfectly manscaped to within an inch of the follicle's life. These characteristics paired with a reduced space between the eyes leave little to no doubt that what you're looking at is, indeed a G.F.! Popular bearers of G.F. over time have been Liberace, Valentino, and Michael Lucas. Fast forwarding to modern times, the two most prominent bearers of G.F. are Zac Efron and Chace Crawford.
1. "That guy's got a serious case of the G.F.'s!"
2. "He had a serious G.F., but I'd still hit it!"
3. "His G.F. was distracting me from the rest of the package!"
4. "That dude's G.F. should be making out with Lance Bass!"
by Covet Me Not! April 09, 2009
1. Chatting: Short for "Girl Friend"
2. Gaming: Jedi-Outcast: "Good Fight." usually said after a Lightsaber duel.
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
Online abbreviation for girlfriend. Sometimes misunderstod as goldfish.
Guy1: hey man hows your gf?
Guy2: wtf? gf? goldfish?
Guy1: you suck
by Stirfry_Ninja August 03, 2003
shorthand for girlfriend.
Sorry, I already have plans with the gf tonight.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
Common acronym for one's grandfather.
Dude: Your GF has nice tits.
Lesbian girl: Thanks, I'll tell my grandfather about your kind words.
by Sexy GILF August 01, 2010
Good Fight. An "understood you" exclamation congratulating another in any form of online competiton. Modernly used as a sarcastic expression poking fun at a situation.
by turqy September 08, 2003
On line chat abbreviaton for Girl Friend
No, I cant play a game with you, im going to my GF's house after this.
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
George Foreman (Grill)
So I come home tonight after a night out and in my kitchen, I catch my father redhanded with his meat in my GF. I was pissed and told him to take his meat out of my GF and get out. I just couldn't get over it and kicked the GF to the curb.
by anon123420 July 09, 2009