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1. Canned meat. Extremely cheap (considering)
2. Unsolicited mail/e-mail sent out in mass quantities. Usually not even addressed by name to the person who receives it.
3. In gaming, refers to a player who throws grenades indiscriminately, many at a time. Generally an issue in Team Fortress. Although lately has been expanded to include any overused gun/combo/move/tactic/etc.
"Grilled Spam is great."
"I get over thrity spam mails a week in my hotmail account."
"Way to spam the room buddy. You throw enough nades that time?"
by TheFeniX March 21, 2003
1. Chatting: Short for "Girl Friend"
2. Gaming: Jedi-Outcast: "Good Fight." usually said after a Lightsaber duel.
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
Any gamer who stands in place for more than 3 seconds, or (God forbid) actually croutches. Doing this in Counter-Strike will have everyone on the server hating your guts.
"OMG camper F4G!!"
"OMG fukng camprs!"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
The dreaded "one-hit kill (including hits to the arm/leg)" sniper rifle from Counter-Strike. Nothing beats it for long-range kills. Unfortunately, many people have been kicked for it's over-use.
"OMG AWP f4g!"
"AWP wh0re!"
"Fucking f4gg0t AWP camper!"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
Older definition: short for "Nice Shot."
Another new def: Natural Selection (The newest MOD for the aging game Half-life)
"NS, man. I didn't even see you"
"You played NS yet?"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
Short for "grenade." Got it's start in Team Fortress.
"I love EMP Nades"
"Anyone got the nade launcher?"
by TheFeniX March 21, 2003

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