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GEBS means "Giant Elephant Balls". Not many people could be able to have GEBS. The only pair in the world is found on a Shelby Rema. You would have to have some hard skills trying to fit them onto a bus every single morning. Most often GEBS are found on weird young teen girls. There is no way you can get rid of GEBS, you are stuck with them for life. Be proud if you have them!
Shelby: HEYY :)
Leah: How's it going GEBS??

Shelby: Good :)
by NoahBearz96 November 27, 2011
sala geb na...sector vinana
by napurand September 28, 2012
An unit of measurement; exactly 110 pounds.
He weighs about two gebs.
by Penguinox February 03, 2010
Grand Eye Ball. The time when people meet at a certain place personally.. or just like a Grand Reunion.
Hey Friend, When and where will be our GEB?
by Czessa July 06, 2011
The feeling of pooing.
I'm going to gebs i need to go to the bathroom.
by kedeva January 31, 2010

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