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Go Die LOL. When somebody says something offensive, or something you do not approve of.
"Haha I fucked your mum last night"

by O_Facebook_o October 08, 2011
41 24
Stands for gosh dang livin.

Its what you are doing when you are enjoying the most life has to offer.
You can GDL doing multiple activities. weather it is kicking back eating a large box of pizza watching a good movie, laying in a hammock on the beach drinking a cool beer, or caught up in the intense moment of your favorite sport, you are experiencing some gosh dang living at the time
by tubby turtle March 15, 2010
18 13
Gonna Die Laughing.

Just another stupid acronym like lol, rofl, etc.
LIKE OMG!!~!@! That was sooooooooooooooooo funny!!! GDL!!!
by icking1 February 14, 2006
13 14
Group Dance Lesson
I'm going to the salsa gdl with my friends tonight
by Long Limbed Lolita October 12, 2009
3 13