The abbreviation for "God Complex". Usually used to refer to someone who boast a lot about their own abilities and whatnots. Usually a show off.
-girl 1: "did you see him today at history class, who does he think he is?"
-girl 2: "he has a gc"
by mollyihe September 18, 2015
Group Chat
Scottie: ayy were you on the office gc last nite?
Jesus: ofc i was bruh
Man: lol that gc was off the hook
by mynameis__jeff August 01, 2015
Abbreviation of Game Cube, a video game console
I just got the new Mario game for my GC!
by Invalid H. User April 23, 2003
grade conscious
He keeps on listing the grades of his classmates also running for honors. He's so GC.
by iammmyself September 09, 2010
GC is an abbreviation for "Green Crack" an extremely potent hybrid strain of Marijuana.
Yo, I picked up a quarter of that GC off of Ben! It's going to be a great weekend!
by JaymzKB May 05, 2010
An old long forgotten chat board on www.Neopets.com. Filled with teenagers whom seemed to be on 24/7. Infested with n00bs and almost entirley spam, the place was deleted by the evil TNT a few years back, and now is the stuff of legend, with rumours spread by the old GCers.
Old GCER: "Hey does anyone remember on GC when everyone used too.."

n00b: "WOW * spreads to everyone*
by thecheescakeofdoom December 05, 2010
Stands for "Groupie-Confessions"
Being subject to the confessions of a groupie you had sex with.
Eric: Yo Gabe you trynna hit dis chick?
Gabe: Naw bro, I ain't trynna be on no "GC" tapes!
Eric: ... True!
by SMUSHiE PARKER March 29, 2010

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