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A rally cry for supporters of the University of Nebraska's football team.
"It's game day! GBR!"
by Huskerfan2014 September 10, 2011
gotta bitch rollin
man he gbr
by Talia Michelle June 18, 2009
Guinness Book of Records
Dad: How did you know about Elastic Man?
Me: Hey, he was in the GBR! Don't you know anything?
by Rozita February 22, 2013
Gag Bag and Rag.

A technique where you have sex with an ugly girl who has a good body.

Gag her, to stop her talking
Bag her, bag over the head so you don't have to see her face
Rag her, self explanitory

NOT to be confused with rape.
"That girl is well fit but bloody ugly"
"I'd GBR her man!"
by jman:) July 11, 2009
The abbreviation for Gag, Bag and Rag , a technique term used to describe when a person wishes to engage in sexual intercourse with an ugly girl who has an attractive body.
"She makes me Boke"
"I'd GBR her still"
by Eddatron June 24, 2009
Acronym for Gravity Bong Rip. A rip of a gravity bong.
"After a few bowls we all took GBRs, then sat down for 3 hours of Mario Tennis."
by synftw January 21, 2008
gotta brotha rollin
this stuff is so funny it gbr.
by brothr July 09, 2009

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