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Good Blow Job. Used instead of GG to confuse your opponent.
Player1: GG
Player2: GBJ!

by Janteh June 13, 2007
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Gay black Jew. Or a jibijay
That dude is actually a gbj, you gotta be careful with what you say around him.
by Ice berg May 27, 2012
Gothic Blowjob
I'd sure like a GBJ from her.
by sublimal June 24, 2004
GBJ stands for "Gay Black Jew" these are a rare species which posses an uncommonly amount of skills. Two of which are sword fighting and being a priest.
Boy 1: Oh look there's luke

Boy 2: He's a GBJ isn't he
by LADasarusrex April 18, 2015

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