Gorilla Arm Pit Odor - The odor emitting from the underarm after consumming large quantities of twinkies, beer, pickled eggs, and popcorn.
Huge GAPO man.
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
Top Definition
Stands for: Gorilla Arm Pit Odor. When someone smells disgusting esp. like shit. Offensive body odor. Pronounced gap o
I couldn't stand next to Mike because he had major gapo.
by Ema&Zoe March 16, 2008
An accronym from the words" gorrilla arm pit odor"
To have armpits smelling like a gorilla.
"shit,dont you bathe? you have a nasty case of GAPO"
by tony January 22, 2004
A noun or adjective that can mean something positive or good. Used to agree with something or someone. ­čśĆ
"You straight bruh?" "I had a good ass day, I'm gapo, man."

"Trynna smoke?" "Gapo nigga, I got my lighter."
by Gapogirl February 12, 2015
a very bad armmpit odor(from giant armpit odor)
Whoever has the GAPO needs to put some deodorant on when they get the chance.
by Light Joker February 02, 2005
(Great American Pitch Out)
A game played during english class and study block.
Invoves a target with areas of different points preferably in incriments of 25. Players get 5 pitches and attempt to acheive the highest score possible
Me: Hey Whats your GAPO Standing?
You: I'm in 5th place i lost by 75 last game
by Scott Matla April 30, 2008
God Awful Piece Of Shit
My car keeps breaking down. It barely works. It's about 16 years old and has almost 200000 miles on it. It's a GAPOS.
by awmm June 21, 2016
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