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a very bad armmpit odor(from giant armpit odor)
Whoever has the GAPO needs to put some deodorant on when they get the chance.
by Light Joker February 02, 2005
Stands for: Gorilla Arm Pit Odor. When someone smells disgusting esp. like shit. Offensive body odor. Pronounced gap o
I couldn't stand next to Mike because he had major gapo.
by Ema&Zoe March 16, 2008
An accronym from the words" gorrilla arm pit odor"
To have armpits smelling like a gorilla.
"shit,dont you bathe? you have a nasty case of GAPO"
by tony January 22, 2004
Gorilla Arm Pit Odor - The odor emitting from the underarm after consumming large quantities of twinkies, beer, pickled eggs, and popcorn.
Huge GAPO man.
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
(Great American Pitch Out)
A game played during english class and study block.
Invoves a target with areas of different points preferably in incriments of 25. Players get 5 pitches and attempt to acheive the highest score possible
Me: Hey Whats your GAPO Standing?
You: I'm in 5th place i lost by 75 last game
by Scott Matla April 30, 2008