Synonymous with modern day derogatory, foul or vulgar language, signifying someone's distaste for something. Can be used to humiliate, agitate, irritate and maliciously depropriate anything, person or place. Can be used as an Adverb or Adjective to emphasize feeling and frustration towards virtually anything.
What the GAC is wrong with you???
GAC you, you GACing GAC!
You are a GACing Idiot!
What the GAC did Bongwater say?
Get the GAC outta my face, you GACass!
by kc5hwb August 02, 2006
Acronym for "Gadget Addicted Consumer"
You're such of gac, of course you want a new Ipad.
by BentAngle February 07, 2010
acronym used by the military meaning ground assault convoy

(noun) a series of military vehicles lined up to go somewhere for a mission especially overseas.
"hey private you're riding in the gac to baghdad"
by caffeine22 September 19, 2005
Acronym for "Good Ass Cake" or "Good Ass Cookie". "Good Ass" can also be used for other things like pie (GAP).
Who brought the GAC for RoMerica's birthday?
by Mr. Cha-Cha Dizzle March 14, 2008
Bigger than infiniy.
To gac and back gac times
by bjkslf November 25, 2007
gac or G.A.C. - acronym for "general appearance check"
wait a sec, i need to stop for a gac before i say hi to him *giggles*
by Jane aka V. September 17, 2005
Acronym for "Grade 'A' Cocaine"
"This coke is weak. We need to score some GAC"
by JayBeezy August 13, 2007

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