Fag, way cool armos call people gay on the low...g-yot ...g as in the letter g in english and yot as in the nummber seven in armenian...when u sound it it it giyot...meaning fag in armenian... G7 BRO!
Girl 1: Dude look at that parskahye...hes so hot but his jeans are really ass tight
Girl 2: gggggggg 7!!!!
by YOUR MOM January 06, 2005
Top Definition
Fag, another word for a homsxual or metrosexual behavior.
dude take that dress off you G7!
by Antoine Avediss February 03, 2004
Like a G6, but EVEN MORE FLY, if such a thing were possible :)
A: How did you do that?
B: Magic.... im just tooo G7
by martin-clune January 05, 2011
one who likes to take it up the anus
Jeff has G7
by Hugh Jass October 16, 2003
G7 (or G sev for short)is he hottest of three degrees of hotness, followed by Y11 (do-able), and O8 (straight nasty). G7 is like instant-boner hot. To be considered G7 is a high honor, and only a select few are worthy of this title. Although G7, Y11 and O8 are mainly meant for rating the attractiveness of a woman (or man for you ladies), it can also be used to describe one's talent or skills in a certain area, such as sports or instruments.
playa 1 - mmmmmph did u just see that fly beezy walk by?
playa 2 - yeaa dawg she was G7!!!
Playa 1 - yea sonn, but look at dat O8 behind her!
playa 2 - naaaaaaaasty!!

noob - dang that nig is a G7 baller!
by john m smith September 28, 2007
whatever the hell you want it to be
"Yo fool, lets G7 this weekend."
by Chris Calvarese October 09, 2007
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