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G6 referred to in a rap song in 2010

Pretains to a victim of 6 anal rapes reason being why they say anal rape in the song six times.
I was walking down the hall like a G6.
by Mae68968 November 01, 2010
104 387
G6 / G650.

Slang for the Gulfstream G650, a twin-engine jet airplane manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace.

The estimated pricetag exceeds $58 million USD, and will be assembled in Gulfstream's new manufacturing facility in Savannah, Georgia. Gulfstream begins taking orders for the aircraft in April, 2010, with delivery beginning in 2012.
Example usage:

"I’m feelin' so fly like a G6".
by somedaze April 01, 2010
11138 3949
A shitty piece of musical composition usually accompanied by illiterate intercity children and oral sex.
Person 1: "I was flying high like a G6"
Person 2: "I hate that fucking song, get out of my house".
by Roger Rabi November 03, 2010
4332 2393
a term used to confuse one's friends.
Friend 1: I'm high like a G6

Friend2: what the fuck are you talking about
by Jezuz? November 14, 2010
2367 1194
1. A pimp azz private jet made by Gulfstream (Gulfstream 650). Only Ballers, Rappers, Uber Celebrities, and successful executives are fly enough to get slizzard on a G6.

2. Song by Far East Movement about getting drunk/crunk/wasted.
1. Rich Dude: "Jules, would you care to go to lunch with me today?"

Jules: "Sure, what are you feeling?"

Rich Dude: "I'm feeling some Italian. Let's hop into my G6 and go to Rome or Venice, is that cool?"

Jules: "Hell yea! Let's Go"

2. Courtney: "Dude I am soooo wasted and flying high because I drank sooo much Vodka."

Jules: "Flyin' high, like a G6?"

Courtney: "What? Oh, Yeah *barfs* like a G6"
by Jewelface94 October 04, 2010
1670 1034
If said in German it sounds like "Gay sex"

In German the letter G is pronounced gay and 6 sounds like sex.
You: "Wanna go to my place and have some G6?"

German student: "No"
by Viper Infinity January 08, 2011
235 163
1. An alcohol served at "certain" bars that is a mixture of rum and drugs.

2. A car made by the Pontiac brand of GM; no longer in business

3. $58.5 mil jet that can travel up to 572 mph

4. A song by the Far East Movement, it is controversial whether they are referring to definition #1 or #3
Guy 1: Dude, did you see that G6 Cameron was driving? It's so lame Guy 2: I know who drives those anymore?
by :)= :+) January 07, 2011
377 306
Used in a popular 2010 song, G6 can also be referred to to as a Cheese stick. And that's because that's what we always thought they were singing.
Flying like a g6, eating a cheese stick with kabana and a cocktail onion.
by Phantom Cheese Taster January 01, 2011
310 270