Used in a popular 2010 rap song, the artist referrs to a "G6"

A G6 is a range of models of server hardware by the company HP. G6 means 'Generation 6' and they are the latest, coolest servers in the range by HP. They include the lovely rack-mountable DL380 G6 as well as a wide range of the ML series servers. They are commonly used to run Windows Server operating systems which is a favourite with the current rap stars to help run their networks and recording gear.

The G6 has a reputation in the rap business for eing a funky, cool, fast and flying server, hence the term:.
Now I'm feelin' so fly like a G6
by Deputy George November 22, 2010
The opposite of 69.
She wasn't into 69 so we had to g6.
by DiiKaBaKa January 20, 2004
G6 Rhino Self-Propelled Howitzer

The G6 Rhino is a 6x6 South African self-propelled artillery vehicle with a modified G5 mounted on top. It was introduced in 1988. There are 45 extra rounds inside the hull. It can fire 60 seconds after stopping and can move out 30 seconds after firing. It can cover 1000 square kilometers without moving. The G6 is mine-resistant. Three TM46 landmines (or the equivalent) are required to immobilize it. It has two firing ports on each side allowing passengers to fire out of the vehicles while protected inside.

Type: self-propelled artillery
Dimensions: length 10.4m; width 3.4m; height 3.5m
Diameter: 155mm
Caliber: 45
Speed: on-road 85km/h; off-road 30km/h
Range: 700km
Direct Range: 3km
Indirect Range: 30km
Rate of Fire: 3rpm
Armor: 20mm
The G6 artillery division moved in without any infantry or armor support and was massacred by enemy forces.
by Rot April 07, 2005
A term stemming from the Popular Radio Hit by the Far East Movement, "Like A G6", it can be used to indicate a high level of swag which far surpasses the average. G6 can describe any person, place, or activity as long as it meets the requirements of being fly, no lame usages will be tolerated.
Acceptable Usage-

Sean-"Hey guys what is up, do you want to chill?"

Bob-"Sure dude, let us go cruise in my Lexus"

Sean-"Whoa, that would be so G6!"

Unacceptable Usage-

Sean-"Hey guys what is up, do you want to chill?"

Bob-"Sure dude, let us go do Math homework with my Grandma. She has 17 cats!"

Sean-"Whoa, that would be so G6!"
by GoneShould October 11, 2010
say it in german dude
English scholar reciting his german: G6

German woman in lederhosen:how rude! *slap*
by bubblethetardedfish April 13, 2004
A fantastic, super fly car made by Pontiac!
Feelin' so fly like a G6
by flyG6 October 13, 2010
g-unit sneakers
im goin later to buy some G6 high tops
by some guy June 02, 2004

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