The processor used in Apples Power Macintosh G5. The G5 is the first 64 bit personal computer, though its not the first 64 bit computer. (read: not a sun system, but a computer common people use)Like most companies, Apple overexaderates the power of the G5, but even without Apple PR's help can toast most other PC processors available on the market today.
The PowerMac G5 is among the most powerful personal computers available to the public today.
by gguru1 December 03, 2003
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The Gulfstream G500 business jet. With its two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, this thing can fly from LA to Moscow without refueling.
Snoop Dogg "Signs"

Mami.. mamacita.. have you ever.. flown a G5.. from London.. to Ibiza.. you gotta have cake
by Petie P May 03, 2005
A type of dance that involves bending of the knees and Tpain.
"So let's bend yo' knees and do tha' G5!"
by blackchick June 03, 2007
G-5 refers to, and is short for, the Gulfstream 500, which is a private jet aircraft. (from Jesse McCartney song Leavin')
G-5 The Jesse McCartney song Leavin' says "Girl we flyin on a G-5, G-5"
by Finz2008 July 10, 2008
G-5 is a plane that is very nice
G-5 is used in Jesse McCartney's song Leavin':
"Flyin on a G-5, G-5"
by Roboflop July 10, 2008
Type of dance popularized by music artist T-Pain where one imitates the G5 Jet by having their arms out on their sides. Often demonstrated after one bends their knees getting low while dancing at a club. May have derived from the "Hyphy" movement of the Bay Area and if not, has been adopted by the movement.
"...just bend your knees and do the G5," - T-Pain.
by brysturr September 06, 2007
Dance created by T-Pain.
You put your arms at like a 90 degree angle, spread your legs and rock back and forth. You can see this is the music video Pop Lock and Drop it by Huey, and probably some others.
"So bend ya knees and do the G5!" - T-Pain
by whiteblackgurl August 01, 2007
The fifth generation (Get it? Generation 5?) of the PowerPC Archecture that was pioneered by Apple, Motorola, and IBM. Also known as the PPC (PowerPC) 970. IBM alone makes this chip which borrows somewhat from Motorola's G4 and IBM's own Power4. Said to be the first 64 bit processor for personal computers and has a 2:1 processor frequency/front side bus ratio. For instance, a 2.0 GHz G5 has a FSB of 1.0 GHz. It is currently used in IBM's own BladeCenter servers and Apple's PowerMac, Xserve, and is rumored to debut in the iMac soon. While Apple has yet to ship a true 64 bit OS, Mac OS 10.2.7 and up uses 64 bit extensions which allows it to break the 4 GB barrier of 32 bit chips and address a full 8 GB memory. Due to excessive heat, the 2.5 GHz G5 had to be liquid cooled and a Powerbook version isn't expected soon. At its debut it used a 130 nanometer process but the 2.5 GHz model and the Xserve models use a smaller 90 nm process. A couple Supercomputer clusters have been built utilizing the G5, including Virginia Tech University, COSLA (a US Army contractor), and now UCLA.
Dude, that G5 owns your Pentium!
The G5 is the fifth generation of the PowerPC line.
by W33D4Sale July 05, 2004

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