A German assualt rifle. It has the body of an SMG but the power of a carbine. G36C stands for commando but it has been changed into compact because of Colt's liscense of the name commando. It is the firearm used by the S.A.S. and the GSG9.
Some guy 1:Man, The m4a1 is overrated...

Some guy 2:Yeah,I'll get a g36k. I like standard issues..

Some guy 1:I'll bring the G36C it's SF.
by PraetorianSAS October 25, 2006
Top Definition
N. A variation of the German H&K-made assault rifle G36 made for special ops and commando use. Much more compact than the original.

Uses the 5.56mm standard NATO ammunition.
"The assault rifles are too bulky for this mission, send them with the G36Cs instead
by Oni Ookami Alfador March 09, 2005
A German Assault rifle, NATO rounds, 5.56. It is in the G36 variant family. It has the body of an SMG and the power of a carbine. It is the weapon of the S.A.S. and the GSG9 meanwhile the standard issue for the german military is the g36k. G36C means commando but Colt had already liscensed the name commando so Heckler & Koch made it "Compact" instead of commando.
Random guy 1:G36C is the best man!!!
Random guy 2:Agree. It's better than the M4A1
Random guy 1:Dood, M4A1 is overrated
by PraetorianSAS October 25, 2006
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