G35. To many it is known as a sultry luxury-sports coupe. Sadly, a high percentage of those who drive the G35 coupe can not afford a BMW 3xx but still wish to act in the pompous manner said BMW owners do. This leads to many stoplight encounters, where, if you accelerate at even the speed of the common land tortoise, the G35 owner will attempt to show you how small his dick is by taking off.

Motoring enthusiasts know better though, as the G35 has become a bit of a punching bag concerning metrosexual males and their undying need of attention. The reasoning is simple: inside the first aid kit for the G35, be it the coupe or the sedan, you'll find a single Maxi-pad "Feminine Napkin."

As such, the term G35 is used much in the same way that "fag" is. And for good reason.
If I drop the soap, I'll find out very quickly who drives a G35.
That's G35 material.
Ten bucks says that guy in the pink polo with his collar up drives a G35.
Did you know Lance Bass has a G35?
by JasonE. December 13, 2007
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