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I don't know what that first guy was talking about with the Skyline, the G35 is simply a heavier, more luxurious 350z.

The "Skyline Coupe" was merely imagined to quell the slight US demand for a Skyline... It has nothing in common with a real skyline.
Look at that idiot take that G35 out on track!
by RGavial July 20, 2006
Another "japanese muscle car" from the 90's- a thankfully extinct species among others. Although very stylish, pricey, it followed the american principle of "large and powerful" with was doomed to fail eventually in japan, as well as in America. Very powerful in their day (Well, the VR-4 at least, the SLow model wouldn't get out of it's own way) - they are nothing more than a archaic relic surpassed in every way by anything comparable now.

But i'd rock one ;)
Hey man! Check out my awesome 300 horsepower 300ZX/SupraTT/Vr-4!!

Yeah? My car has 200 horsepower and weighs half that.
by RGavial March 30, 2005

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