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Apparently a gang at Beverly Highschool in Massachusetts. They are said to be a spanish gang type thing. I bet they meet in their mom's basement and she brings them cookies.
Da' G-Riders gunna bust yo ass!
by sushiland.net April 02, 2004
A G Rider is a guy who always has a woman. They aren't players. They get over girls quick. They know how to act and talk to their lady. They don't use women and are gentlemen. When one girl is gone they always have another one. They don't cheat and they can easily stay with a girl for extended periods of time. They aren't like every other guy who just wants in a girls pants, but they might try. They actually care about their women and don't pretend to care, unlike players.
G Riders only have 1 woman at a time.
Playa 1: Yo nigga you see Morgen? He be gettin them ladiez.

Playa 2: Yeah man he always treat 'em right nigga. How come I can't get the ladiez to love me like that?

Playa 1: I don't know cuz. He's just a straight G Rider.
by G_Ridin509 June 06, 2009