The 'G-Crips' were invented by the guy who wrote the definition above this, when he was either bored or stoned.

There really is no such thing... just think about it for a second, for fucks sake!
1. Woah, I just smoked so much weed! Can you imagine if there was such a thing as G-Crips? I'm gonna go add it to the Urban Dictionary!

2. Wow I'm so bored, I'm gonna invent a gang called G-Crips and add it to Urban Dictionary.

3. Woah, I'm so full of shit - 'G-Crips'!!!!!!!
by artfulbadger July 21, 2007
Top Definition
G-Crips is the slang term for gentleman crips.
This group like the crips are a gang, but unlike the crips the G-Crips consist of upper class English and Welsh aristocrats. The traditional dress of the G-crips is a blue dress shitrt under a blue sport coat with blue or black trousers and a blue or black top hat.The G-crips also usually carry a cane.
The traditional side arm of the G-crips is the Ruger kmk-512 aka the crip cannon which they get from the IRA.
Mostly as a jest the G-crips refer to each others a negroes instead of calling themselves the infamous N-word
Probally the most famous G-crip group is the Hanover Crips which are based in Hanover,England.
There are also G-crip groups in London, Essex, Greenwhich, Edinburgh and St.Andrews.
Rupert:God save the G-crips.
Reginald:and the queen.
by Ron Cassinger September 29, 2005
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