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Greavy Mix or G-Mix is
Armerado and Margarita Mix combined with crushed ice (slush).
Yo, lets go get some G-Mix and get crunked tongiht!!!!
by Greaves January 29, 2005
When a finished music video is re-edited by an outside party to portray even more dopeness.

Term originated by Producer G. Martian.
"Gabrielle, please g-mix my video it's so bland and non-dope!"
by G-mixer August 02, 2012
G-Unit Remix
G G G G G G G-Miiix
by ExPliCiT July 26, 2003
one that is a remix made by the rap sensation "G-unit"
50 cent says"G-MIX"
by Ryan May 31, 2004
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