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A drinking competition originating in the city of Coquitlam, just east of Vancouver B.C. Canada. It is going global with online broadcasts for big competitions (like the March 11th G10-off, live from the Jones garage). Named for the infamous G. Robson, competitors have one, 2 ounce shot of beer the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third... etc. All the way up to 10 shots in the 10th minute.
A time keeper must keep precise time. Each drinker will need 5 cans of beer, an assistant to pour the shots and 2 shot glasses so that one is always full.
Last rule, NO PUKING. Any puking duringand up to 5 minutes after the competition is a DQ.
Don't underestimate a G-10
Holy **** you finished the G-10!" or, "You're disqualified you puked on the table Big BA"
by Big PM March 10, 2011
One of numerous gangs in the city of Orinda, California. They are infamous for their school bus drive-bys. Weapons used in such drive bys usually included things like apple sauce, oranges, apples, and occasionally tennis balls.
"Oh shit, G-10 is comin' by in their bus, GET OUT THE WAY!"
by Mastafleisch March 30, 2008
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