yank it up a level from ns to a gs = great shot
that was a gs man, all the way from ur mf main!
by nag nag nag August 11, 2006
Abbreviation for Gender Schmender (GS), an international, gender education community located on Myspace; is also the name of a genderqueer friendly group in AU that puts on live performances.
Part 1: Are you a member of GS?
Part 2: Which one? The online community or the one in Australia?
by Amiko-Gabriel March 25, 2007
Short for Gold Stars. In Rock Band and Guitar Hero, you can get gold stars depending on certain things. Rock Band is just a high score on expert difficulty, and GH is to full combo (or "FC") a song.
Danny can FC/GS every song.
by Xtreme2252 February 14, 2010
When taking a majestic dump, you often refer this as taking a GS = great shit.
Darko: Ok, it's time for my gs now
Ricardo: Good luck man
by ricardo_b February 22, 2008
means Gentleman, Friends, Cohorts or Individuals apart of a Close Unit.
What Up G's? Long Time, No See. It's Good to See You Again.
by Rainsweep October 24, 2008
GS stands for Group Sex. Slightly better than Rainbow parties and equivalent to Orgies.

Dan: How many people showing up for the party tonight?

John: About 15

Dan: Alright, time for some GS baby!
by jayjai October 15, 2008
grams as in weight
I want two g's.
by Shard King April 21, 2004

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