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From the cartoon, Hey Arnold!
Fuzzy Slippers is Gerald Johanson's mysterious informant, who provides him with urban knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, including urban legends and advice about local people. We never do see Fuzzy Slippers throughout the show, and only hear reference to him from Gerald.

Gerald: "See Arnold, I told you, Frankie G is bad news; Fuzzy Slippers tells no lies man."
Arnold: You're a bold kid Gerald, a bold kid.
Gerald: Wait a minute, that's my line.
Arnold: Oh yea.

Gerald is the keeper of the tales of the urban legends, which he has learned from Fuzzy Slippers. The urban legends include: Wheezing Ed, Stoop Kid, Pigeon Man, Big Caesar, Monkeyman, and Ghost Bride.
by ZmanIsTheMan April 20, 2009
The act of inserting an object (penis or other) into a hairy ethnic woman's anus.
That bitch was so hairy it was like i was fucking a fuzzy slipper
by Sgt. Wonkytonk April 29, 2009
Ice cream that has melted and been re-frozen.
I found some ice cream in the freezer but it was fuzzy slippers.
by blenheimears January 04, 2011
Ejaculating on a partners feet. Then shaving the partners pubes so they fall down and create a pair of comfy and warm fuzzy slippers!
Karas feet were warm after Justin shaved his pubes to make her a pair of fuzzy slippers.
by BigDaddyO615 October 13, 2014
the process of shitting in two plastic bags and placing them on a person's feet.
dude, i totally gave Steve some Fuzzy Slippers.
by leftnutkabob March 05, 2011
jizzing on a companions feet. Then pulling pubs off and spreading them evenly on the companions feet as if to be a pair of fuzzy slippers!!
Danielle was bitching about how her feet were cold, so Ben gave her a pair of fuzzy slippers!!
by Benett July 04, 2007

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