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From the cartoon, Hey Arnold!
Fuzzy Slippers is Gerald Johanson's mysterious informant, who provides him with urban knowledge of a wide variety of subjects, including urban legends and advice about local people. We never do see Fuzzy Slippers throughout the show, and only hear reference to him from Gerald.

Gerald: "See Arnold, I told you, Frankie G is bad news; Fuzzy Slippers tells no lies man."
Arnold: You're a bold kid Gerald, a bold kid.
Gerald: Wait a minute, that's my line.
Arnold: Oh yea.

Gerald is the keeper of the tales of the urban legends, which he has learned from Fuzzy Slippers. The urban legends include: Wheezing Ed, Stoop Kid, Pigeon Man, Big Caesar, Monkeyman, and Ghost Bride.
by ZmanIsTheMan April 20, 2009
Criterion for why both the nice girls and the bitches like the assholes. Assholes come up to girls will the soul intent of "nailin' that pussy" and hit on them right away with a touch of sleaziness. But ooooooooo oh how they have confidence! And that makes all the difference, so the guys get what they want, and the girls that aren't sluts regret fucking a week later.
asshole: "suck my dick right now bitch"
girl: (ooooo he's so confident) "present it please!"

confidence is a good thing, but girls mix it up with arrogance because in high school they were used to guys being shy and like the difference in college.

arrogance (misinterpreted as confidence) means that you didn't take his breath away
by ZmanIsTheMan November 13, 2009
A spin off of tig ol' bitties, and derived from greasy ass titties.
Describing the fat greasy man-boobs on an overweight fellow.
Jim: Damnnnn look at you fatty, you're massive! You got some teasy ass gritties, they're bigger than your mom's.

Bruce: Don't make fun of me... I have a glandular problem!

Jim: Then why are you holding a bucket of KFC?
by ZmanIsTheMan October 03, 2012
When the time on a clock reads "11:11"

The time of 11:11, AM or PM
(People sitting around watching TV, clock reads 11:11)

Hey look! EleventyLeven, make a wish!
by ZmanIsTheMan April 06, 2012
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