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"Fuzzy little man peach" was a memorable term of endearment uttered by Old Gregg, a character on the British comedy tv series, The Mighty Boosh. Old Gregg was an ancient creature of legend and horror, a hermaphrodite merman with a mangina.

One of the series' main characters, Howard Moon, snags with a hook while out fishing on Old Gregg's lake. Old Gregg is angry and intimidating, but also being seductive as they sit in the rowboat.

"Fuzzy little man peach" is an rather aggressive and possessive pet name, indicative of an offer you dare not refuse.

It's unclear if 'fuzzy little man peach' is a reference to anal sex or a term for a young man whose beard is still soft and fuzzy on his cheeks. The confusion is probably intended to increase the tension.

"My fuzzy little man peach" is immediately followed in the sketch's dialogue by one of Old Gregg's most repeated taglines.
Howard: "Don't kill me.I've got so much to give."
Old Gregg: "Easy now, my fuzzy little man peach. You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?"
Howard (almost crying]: whaat?
by Bryonia March 20, 2010
The hottest guy on the planet also known as peach, foxxy little man peach, little man peach, man peach
He's so beauty that fuzzy little man peach
by CandiedPeach February 13, 2009
if you are called this by a guy, then they are a fag. if you are called this by a girl, then i dont know.
Steven Nesbitt is Joe Allison's fuzzy little man peach.
Sami loves to be called a fuzzy little man peach
by markkkkkkkkkkkk July 05, 2008

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