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"Fuzzy little man peach" was a memorable term of endearment uttered by Old Gregg, a character on the British comedy tv series, The Mighty Boosh. Old Gregg was an ancient creature of legend and horror, a hermaphrodite merman with a mangina.

One of the series' main characters, Howard Moon, snags with a hook while out fishing on Old Gregg's lake. Old Gregg is angry and intimidating, but also being seductive as they sit in the rowboat.

"Fuzzy little man peach" is an rather aggressive and possessive pet name, indicative of an offer you dare not refuse.

It's unclear if 'fuzzy little man peach' is a reference to anal sex or a term for a young man whose beard is still soft and fuzzy on his cheeks. The confusion is probably intended to increase the tension.

"My fuzzy little man peach" is immediately followed in the sketch's dialogue by one of Old Gregg's most repeated taglines.
Howard: "Don't kill me.I've got so much to give."
Old Gregg: "Easy now, my fuzzy little man peach. You ever drunk Bailey's from a shoe?"
Howard (almost crying]: whaat?
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by Bryonia March 20, 2010
A group of people jumping on one person and taking him down to the ground, then more people jumping on top of the pile.

If you have ever witnessed a litter of hungry puppies all go after a piece of kibble or a table scrap at the same time, you can appreciate the similarity. They collide and climb on top of each other after the piece of food.

Likely gained popularity a word used for when, on a football field, a player is tackled by multiple players. A lot of high school football teams are named (insert name of school here) Bulldogs.

Also known as a pileup or a crush (the person on the bottom of the pile feels crushed under the weight of the others)

Other definition: The name of search engine that gathers links from other search engines in its searches (in visual imagery, having all the other search engines jump on your inquiry)

Other definition: A group of dogs or puppies all sleeping in a group in one place with their heads, feet, and bodies under, over, and on top of each other

Other definition: a mound of dog feces

Related word: bum rush
"How did you hurt your leg?"

"I was running down the field with the ball and tripped on my shoelace which had come undone. James jumped on me, then all the rest of them dog piled on top of me."
#dog pile #dogpile #pileup #pile up #crush
by Bryonia March 30, 2010
The large rough green inedible fruit of the Bois D'Arc or Osage-orange tree. No, horses do not eat them. Nothing eats them. They've even been used as insecticide. And the fresh sap in them is nearly impossible to get off of anything it gets on.

They're called horse apples because they're round and the same shade of green as fresh horse shit.

They exist for kids to throw at each other and raise big welts.
What the hell is this thing? It looks like a green softball.

It's a horseapple.
#shit #poop #horse #apple #balls #meadow muffin
by Bryonia May 29, 2009
Too stupid, didn't validate.

A response to a long rambling overreacting post made on the forums, like a long post of the paranoid tinfoil hat variety that applies sinister motivations and unfair practices to a company or administration and offers the poster's opinion or flimsy anecdote or even unrelated stuff thrown in as evidence without facts to back it up.

An forum acronym coined by a player named Adrus on the World of Warcraft forums.
A new change is announced.

Poster: blah blah blah greedy blah just wants money blah never listens to customers blah blah slippery slope blah blah blah ripping people off blah blah ignored me blah blah straw man blah blah violating privacy blah blah blah ruining blah blah it's all about money blah they're screwing us over

2nd Forum Poster: TS; DV
#tl:dr #too long didn't read #internet #forums #acronym #abbreviation
by Bryonia June 14, 2010
A term for using the hollow between your breasts to carry money and small objects. Renaissance Fair and Octoberfest costumes often lack pockets and you got to put your car keys and cash somewhere. A bra, corset or corset-like vest is required to make this work.

I'd like to say this is a female only phenomenon, but we both know it isn't always. See moobs
The part I think he enjoyed most about the Renaissance Fair was watching the serving wench pulls bills out of her medieval purse and make change.
#renaissance #breasts #cleavage #purse #cleavage caddy #bra holster
by Bryonia June 05, 2010
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